Monday, January 31, 2011

~*Sleeping on Snow*~

So I put together a treasury on today 
(as I often do when I am bored and trying not to leave the house so that I don't end up spending $$$).
It was inspired by my husband and I's weekend trip to Sudbury to visit some friends who had recently moved there.

It was soooooo cold there.
We walked to and from the bar on Saturday night.

Walking there wasn't so bad.

Walking back however we proceeded to get a little lost and practically froze to death...

The treasury was not just photographs but it could have been.
Etsy has so many talented photographers.

I was going for the icy cold atmosphere that you get when capturing the haze of a winter snow storm.

I think these first four photographs capture that feeling completely.
If you live anywhere cold you probably want to curl up in bed just from looking at these.

But they also illustrate how BEAUTIFUL winter is.
I've said many times that, I have no tolerance for cold so I really don't like the winter....but I think aesthetically it is amazingly pleasing.

This photo (above) captures the stillness that can come right after a heavy snowfall stops.
Everything is blanketed with snow as though mother nature is putting the world to bed.

This photo (above) has a totally different atmosphere than the previous ones.  
I had to include it though just because of how amazing it is (click to enlarge).

The more you stare at it the more amazing it gets.

All of these prints are available to purchase. 
Just click on the links below each one.

Happy Winter Everyone.

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