Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vibrant Victorians.

After posting about the amazing Victorian House 
that was built for the movie Practical Magic 
I just couldn't stop thinking about pretty Victorian houses!

Thus, resulting in a full post featuring some of the 
beautifully colourful 
houses I have come across while browsing the internet.

I think more subdued coloured victorian houses are just as lovely 
but there is something magical about taking something 
so classic and ornate and adding even more interest to it by colouring it with 
vibrant and sometimes modern colour schemes.

These two almost look like dollhouses.

I think the house pictured above might be my favourite of all.
I love the grand balcony in the middle of the second floor.

I love the colour choices for this house.  
It manages to look dark and romantic without being too typical.

I'm loving this street lined with ornate and colourful row houses.
You definitely distinguish yourself from other similar houses by 
painting yours blue and pink.


I'm not entirely sure where each of these houses are.  
I apologize for the lack of sources. 


  1. Oh how I love Victorian houses! I long for one- but of course with modern insulation, plumbing, heating and wiring.

    I painted our boring square home that same color scheme as the 2nd one, but with the gray the on the walls and the other colors as trim.

  2. Haha...yes, alas, older homes definitely come with their fair share of problems. I suppose their bitter sweet.
    I'd like to believe that some day I will come across a victorian that someone has already decided to update all of those things and it will magically be in my price range....
    A girl can dream right?

    I bet that your home is no longer boring though! It sounds lovely :)

  3. Hi! I just wanted to give you credit and sought inspiration for the first house in your blog in my drawing. :)

    Your blog is lovely :)

  4. Hey Yasmine! Thanks so much :) I tried your link though, and it doesn't seem to work for me :(

  5. Hi there,
    found your blog while browsing for Victorian houses. I love them so much! I have a neighbor whose house is Victorian. It's so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have loved Victorian houses since I was little and I wish I could have one and of course with new wiring, plumbing and furnace. But everything else has to be restored to its originality. I can't believe that they tear them down like they were nothing. Everything that's new is not always good.

  7. Thanks for keeping talk (and pictures) of Victorian homes alive.

  8. Hello, I found your blog very interesting! I too am a big fan of Victorian homes.

  9. Nice blog, good inspiration for writing!

  10. I must leave this place! These houses are not for the jobless, penniless, car-free over fifty crowd. Anyone want to hire a jobless, penniless car-free 55 year old?

    1. jobless, penniless, car-free over sixty crowd says no.

  11. I know where the last picture the Haight in San Francisco, on either Cole or Clayton, between Haight and Oak sts. They always catch my eye because they're so vivid...and while u don't see it in the pic, they're uniquely completely rounded fronts, without corners.

  12. For those on the East Coast, there are beautiful Victorian Houses in Haddonfield NJ.

    1. They're all over the east coast, especially in the older towns and cities like Pittsburhg and Philly PA

  13. Luv your site and adore victorian homes

  14. They were certainly colourful, I thought the Victorians were typically morbid?

    1. Only because the movies and television says so. Adds more texture to the story line I guess.


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