Saturday, January 15, 2011

MAISON MOSCHINO. Hotel of Enchanted Fairytales...

Upon wandering aimlessly through the vast world wide web I stumbled upon this 

The hotel, “home and place of enchanted fairytales,” has 65 rooms, the "Clandestino” restaurant headed by acclaimed Chef Moreno Cedroni, a bar, the “Culti” spa, and a boutique. 

It is situated in a Neoclassical building that was once the city’s first railway station and is now at the heart of what is becoming the modern centre of 21st century Milan. 


Maison Moschino is the splendid result of a design project supervised by Rossella Jardini in cooperation with Jo Ann Tan. It is the outcome of an artful combination of fashion intuition and brilliant design applied to the hotel industry, and it expresses a new approach to hotel hospitality. The language of fashion has been transformed and adapted to create imaginative settings and surrealistic imagery for rooms in which fairytales are brought to life. “Alice’s Room”, “The Petal Room”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Forest”, and “Gold” are the names of the rooms (16 different designs) that transform sleep into a unique experience, with a constant interchange between fables, dreams, and an upbeat, optimistic reality. 

Even in the lobby, guests are welcomed by fluffy origami cloud lamps, and they enter a fantastic world that reveals the allure of fashion, with Moschino dresses and accessories turned into floor and table lamps.

"Life is a Bed of Roses" Room

"Luxurious Attic" Room

"Forest" Room

"Sweat" Room

"Sleeping in a Ballgown" Room

"Zzzzzzzzzz" Room

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I would stay there of course....
If I could possibly afford it.

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