Saturday, January 22, 2011

Existing Amongst the CLOUDS.

I would love to visit this exhibition that I came across on 
which is a great place to check back for interesting finds.

I love their "slogan",

The Cure for Eyeball Boredom


CLOUDSCAPES by Transsolar and Tetsuo Kondo Architects

"As children, we often dream of flying up and touching the clouds; looking skyward, they seem almost within reach. Now, through a collaboration between Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo and German climate engineering firm Transsolar, that dream has become reality. By using three different levels of air with different temperatures and humidities the team has successfully created a cloud that hangs like magic on the roof of the space. Visitors to the 800 square meter room at the Architecture Biennale Arsenale exhibition travel up, through and above the clouds on spiraling ramps. It’s as if they’ve been given wings."

Source: visual news

Now you can have your head in the clouds...

For more on this exhibit on display in Venice, Italy, 

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