Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I will have a RETRO KITCHEN.

While I was daydreaming today my mind wandered off into the subject of kitchen decor....

So naturally I started googling

I will one day have a aqua and red retro feeling kitchen.
I don't want it to be as though I ripped a kitchen out of the 50s and inserted it into my house.  

I'd rather have a modern retro feel.  
Definitely from the 1950s though.

There is just something so classic about the 50s aesthetic.
Maybe it is because it was the era of the "happy family unit"?

I'm only speculating of course.
I didn't exist in the 50s.

Neither did my mom.

The colours are just so cheery.
 Everything seems so polished and perfect

I know that you will pay more these days for appliance that are a throw back to the 50s but I think it's worth it.

Your appliances are the biggest thing in your kitchen other than your cabinets so they would have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room.

I particularly like the colour palette of the first pic and the pic above.  
They are that perfect shade of aqua or robins egg blue.

I think either the cabinets or the walls with wear this soft colour.
 Then I will use punches of red as the accent colour.

Not the most original colour palette in the world, I know.
Ever since I bought a retro clock that was in these colours, 
I knew I would one day design a kitchen around it.

Now I just need a kitchen.


  1. I love how the insides of the drawers and cabinets are painted red in that second kitchen. Loooooove.
    And these colours are so wonderful...this combo has been growing on me since you posted it last!

  2. ditto on the retro kitchen. i think i want a retro life.

  3. Found you doing a google search. I am currently decorating our 1958 kichen with the atomic tiles in red and aqua. Do you have an good recommendations for inspiration online. Thanks.


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