Monday, September 26, 2011

Pictures that make me smile. Part 8 (Paris Edition)

An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris. 

(all pics from pinterest)

So... it's been a little over a year since my husband and I visited Paris and I need to go back.

In fact, I am trying to figure out if it is feasible to live there short term sometime within the next year and a half...

We just bought a house so you may be thinking... bad timing...


I don't think so.  
You see, a house can be rented out. 
 Even sold if need be (though it wouldn't).
The reason it would need to happen within the next year and a half is that the only thing that would likely keep my husband and I from taking on an adventure such as this would be having a baby....which we'd like to do in the nearish future.

Anyways... this is my short Paris rant.

Pics of my new hair soon to come ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chartreuse and Gray Paint!


I think I (and my husband of course) may have finally decided on a colour scheme the our main living area in our soon to be house :)

We visited many stores (Lowes, Rona, Home depot, etc) but it was at Benjamin Moore that we had the most luck and the most help figuring out exactly what we wanted.

We decided on...


For the open concept livingroom/dinning area.
I really wanted a chartreuse/yellowy green but I kept trying to pick colours that were too light or not saturated enough.... then they just looked florescent or wishy/washy.

I was thinking that in a townhouse the lighter the better but I didn't want such a large area to be blindingly bright either....

For the accent wall at the back of the house that has a fireplace in the middle and a window on either side we decided to paint...

The nice man at Benjamin Moore actually suggested a gray one shade darker than this which was almost black.... but we decided a slightly lighter gray would work just as well.

We figured that the gray wall would break up the space and look really great with the crisp white mantle and our tall white(faked) moulding.... etc.

Then for our entryway (and we'll carry it into the basement which is open to the main floor... ei. no door just a railing) we decided that a lighter gray would be nice.  So for now we picked...


I know that I was originally thinking of doing 
but after much thought (and the fact that my husband isn't a fan of aqua) we decided that maybe trying to fit aqua in wasn't going to work.

I will still have RED & AQUA accents in the kitchen... just not painted on the walls.

PLUS we found a lovely chair that I've already posted about that was some great inspiration.

and I found this awesome fabric...

So there you have it!

I think we may have finally settled on our colour scheme.
Of course we'll have pops of teal and mustard yellow... and lots of dark woods too.

Now we just need our house!

Can't wait ;)

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