Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award? I'm honoured. Yay :)

Wow! I feel so special that I am included in this neat "pay it forward" type of act to get the word out on....thats right, STYLISH BLOGGERS :)

Thank you so much to fellow Ottawa Blogger, Katharine Cornfield who's lovely blog 
Girl About Town was picked before mine.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Pay the award forward to 10 great bloggers.

4.  Contact those 10 bloggers and let them know that they have received the award.

OK So here's the fun part.  I get to try and think of 7 interesting things about myself...haha.

Self-Portrait, 2006
1.  I am an Artist.  Always have been.  I can't remember a time when I didn't yearn to create things.  And yet, a lot of new people I meet are surprised to find this out.  I feel like artists constantly get a bad rep. of being flaky people who don't want to participate in the "real world".  On the contrary, I love being active in the "real world".  I just want there to be more art in it.  If being an artist means I have my head in the clouds, then maybe I do....but I wish more of us did.  It's really cool up there.

Grand ideas aren't always bad ;)  

The Garnetts
2.  I just got married in August.  Mike and I had been together for 7 years and finally decided to take the plunge :) He proposed last October, the weekend after my birthday.  We went for a cool night walk along the Canal and he popped the question on the way back.
Simple, romantic and not cheesy.  It was perfect.  Our wedding was full of love and loved-ones.

He is the love of my life and I'm so happy that I have him.

Fresh Ink
3.  I just got a new tattoo in December.  It was my Christmas gift from Mike.  It is my second tattoo.  The first one I got when I was seventeen and is what most refer to so lovingly as a "tramp stamp".... well sort of.  I don't regret it.  I don't think I ever will.  I might add to it at some point but its still a pretty tattoo and at least I can say that I got it well before they became popular....maybe I even started the trend! haha....  I'm not sure why it took me eight years to get another.  I think because the possibilities are endless, it's just hard to settle on one thing.  I love my new tattoo and what it stands for.

I'm already thinking about what I want to get next.

4.  I have two cats named Dexter and Zoey.  Dexter is the one in the back and Zoey, of course, is in front.  They are polar opposites.  Dexter is independent and sleeps almost all day.  He is very affectionate but only when he wants to be.  He is very playful but only when he wants to be.  AND he is crazy.  All the time.  Oh, and he never meows....which is weird.   Zoey needs to be where people are.  She doesn't sleep that much for a cat, spends every minute she can on your lap, and never stops meowing.  If you talk to her she will talk back.  They are both FULL of personality.

They are our family.

Rock out

5.  I secretly wish I was a rock star.  I love music.  It is my other passion.  BUT I can't sing and I don't play an instrument.  I'm not really musically inclined, I guess.  I just think, how awesome would that be?  I feel like I would be naturally inclined to the performance part of it.  AND the style part of it.  It would be great to have an excuse for wearing the crazy things that I do.

 I do rock out in my car though.

6.  Somehow I have a knack for getting into Guest-list only parties.  Do you know what my strategy of choice is?  Just walking in.  Yep, believe it or not I have gotten past security and into some pretty exclusive parties by just acting like I'm supposed to be there.  The most recent one was while I was in Toronto for TIFF my good friend Jen and I got into George Stroumboulopoulos' party at the Hazelton Hotel.  I'm not trying to brag or anything, I just want people to try it.  If you have nothing to loose, then just watch what the people who are supposed to be there and then just do what they do.  If you get kicked out, you get kicked out.

At least you can say that you tried.

Me Being Silly
7.  When I get nervous, I make stupid jokes.  My husband and I have this in common.  It just happens.  Most of the time it breaks tension or lightens the mood, but sometimes with the wrong person (someone with no sense of humour) in the wrong situation (a job interview maybe) it can keep people from taking me seriously.  I would consider myself to be goofy at times.  I am not the demure and graceful person that I sometimes wish I were.  I am awkward at times.  I am clumsy.  I often swear like a sailor.  But I try to do all of these things in a dress :)

Does that make up for it? I dunno... :)

ANYWAYS, Enough about me!  
To my fellow bloggers, 

Lets hear some things about you :)


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  1. sweet deal! thank you so much for taggin me! and great learning more about you....


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