Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dita Von Teese. RETRO Style Icon.

DITA VON TEESE has amazing style.

She keeps it GLAM in Vintage or Vintage Inspired fashion.

I decided to pick my top 10 Dita Von Teese looks for todays post.

In no particular order....

These two dresses are completely different but I am loving them both.

The top is a mix of retro and modern 
and sweet and sexy
The neckline is so detailed and perfect!

The bottom is ooooozing icy sweetness.
Love it.
The shoes give the look an extra kick though.

I love this dress the most, I think. 
(although pics #2 and #7 almost got that title)

Who am I kidding?


In fact, there were many more dresses/looks that I could've included.
So by narrowing it to my fave 10 was already hard enough.

This purple number is super sexy and super 40's Glam.

Love a good loooooow dip in the back of a dress.

This little pink number reminds me of COTTON CANDY.

So polished and pin-up.

I had to think about this dress for a moment before
 including it.

I couldn't decided whether I love it or hate it....
Clearly I came to the conclusion that


It's not the type of dress that the majority would love, I think.

I have a soft spot for soft wispy fabrics 
and one shouldered dresses.

So, how could I not?


  1. Hey I also love Dita Von Teese! I try not to be obsessed but i cant help it! My fav dress in #5 I just love the simplicity!

  2. I really like the "look" you can't compare the way woman look today to the way the looked in the 1940-50s. Woman back then had a lot more style and looked like woman. I'm talking about everyday woman not just celebrities. Today woman dress like slobs and look like slobs or like cavewoman. I hope that she inspires a fashion sense rebirth.


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