Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gorblimey - Socar's World of Weird.

I came across a very intriguing and talented 
pen & ink Artist the other day.

Her name is Socar Myles.

 Her drawings are amazingly creative and detailed 
but I particularly like the descriptions she provides on her 
website for each drawing.

Some are dark and insightful,
but a lot of them are quite humorous!

I love that she doesn't take herself to seriously.


Description: "I'm a Troll; fol-de-rol. Fol-de-rol-de-riddle."

What's a Goblin?, 2010

Description: "This drawing was done for my boss, so I used a quotation from The Office, for the title. Fortunately, my boss is not David Brent."

Lassu stu beddu munnu e lassu, 2010

Description: "An illustration from The Little Mermaid, depicting the title character dissolving into sea foam and floating away."

Crucify Myself, 2010

Description: "Unused illustration for the RAINN calendar, for 2006. (It was the wrong size.)"

The Forest Bride, 2010

Description: "She can't leave the forest; she's too attached."

The Lesser Short-Necked Spatulate Vulture, 2010

Description: "I used to draw antennae on my sister's things...and directly on her, as well. On her forehead. This was the first time I drew antennae on something of mine."

Horace Spiegelman Gets Made Redundant (page 1), 2010

Description: "'Horace Spiegelman Gets Made Redundant' is a collaborative illustration book I did with the excellent Agnes. This book has full colour front & back covers, and greyscale interiors. It tells the story of Horace Spiegelman, an office drone who wakes up one morning, and finds himself in two places at once. The story is told in double-page spreads, with Agnes's art on the left, and mine on the right; each of us has illustrated the unfortunate fate of one of the Horace Spiegelmans."

Tiny Birds, 2010

Description: "The forest's still and dark and deep,But tiny birds disturb my sleep."

The Happy Weed, 2010

Description: "Even an ugly old weed can have a happy life, growing by the riverbank."

My Nose and I Grow Ancient, 2010

Description: "This man has a naked mole rat, instead of a nose. Nobody wants to kiss him, in case the rat wakes up and bites them on the lip. And also because he's old. People are obsessed with youth, nowadays. Everybody wants to be twenty. That's what the moleratman says, anyway. Maybe he's just bitter."

Moor Ghost, 2010

Description: "Having no eyes is a terrible imposition, even for a ghost. (Illustration for The Cimmerian.)"
This last one reminds me of The Secret of NIMH

a movie that I used to watch as a kid.

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