Friday, October 12, 2012

My life as of late: Art + Wedding = Success :)

Hello all.

I've decided to write a post about what has been going on with me lately.

First of all.  I just had my very first large scale light installation on display for 


Nuit Blanche is french for white night.  It is called white night because it is an all night art festival.  It begins when the sun goes down and ends when the sun comes up!

It originated in Paris in 1989 but has been taken up by many major cities all over the world since.
This year was the first that Ottawa participated.  Although it was not on as big of scale as a lot of the other bigger cities, it was a great success non-the-less.  

The theme of the festival was 'Life is Beautiful' and my piece was called 'Nostalgica Infectica'

My artist statement reads:

'Nostalgica Infectica'


Byward Zone - 100 Laurier Avenue East

Site specific exterior light installation made of wire, fabric & lights. 2012

Nostalgica Infectica is the involuntary feeling evoked by experiencing something that reminds us so much of our childhood. Spattered randomly, Nostalgica Infectica is the unexpected warm and fuzzy feeling that can be summoned by as little as a pattern, a colour, a smell. It spreads like mould, like a pleasant infection.

There were soo many great pieces to see that night.  My husband and friends and I all stayed out until 3am and still didn't see everything!

The other event that has just taken place was my friends Lydia and Eric's wedding.
Lyd needed some help narrowing in on what she wanted their wedding to look light and was going to hire someone to put up their decor at the reception venue.
Since I enjoy that kind of stuff and I am good at it, I offered to do the job for a small fee.

It turned out to be a great experience.

It was super stressful at times because I wanted everything to be perfect, and just like life, there were a few obstacles.  BUT in the end the obstacles were overcome and it turned out fantastically! (if I do say so myself ;)

I am quite proud of myself! 

It also helped that I had some help and support from my friends Jen and Pete who were in from out of town as well my lovely partner Mike.

So I've decided to give it a real go, this wedding decorator calling.
Only on the side for now.  But maybe one day I can decorate or coordinate and hell, maybe even plan weddings for a living.

I am currently still on the job hunt after being laid off from my teaching job so any extra skills that can be put to use are worth looking into right!?

Here's hoping that life throws some great opportunity my way soon.

I sure could use it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! failed....

So if you're a follower of my blog, you've probably realized at this point that my 30 Day Style Challenge got all of 5 days in.... 

and then I lost interest.

I was trying to put pressure on myself so that I would be forced into posting more frequently.  
Unfortunately the opposite happened.

My life became very busy with upcoming art shows (which is a good thing!) so I found myself short on free time.  So instead of posting less frequently...

I avoided it altogether.

This was the last outfit I documented before life got crazy.
It was something I wore out to run errands on my day off.

I enjoy this shirt.  Love the colour... I've been really into mustard yellow lately.
It says "LIE" on it very faintly...

I was also wearing my glasses that are not real glasses.
Now, I have been told, on a couple of occasions, that wearing these makes me a hipster...

I'm not sure when the word "hipster" became a dirty word.  Not that I would consider myself to have a "hipster style" (whatever that is)... but that's only because I don't really want to lump myself into one style in particular.  

I dress differently everyday.

Usually to reflect my mood... or the weather... and what not.


When someone calls me a hipster and expects me to be insulted... I'm not.
I don't judge people based on their style choices.

I want people to feel like they can put an effort into what they wear without people thinking that they're trying too hard.

I think that this idea of trying too had is why Ottawa has been declared as one of the 


In the pic above I'm pointing to my sparkly bronze oxfords (which my husband thinks are ridiculous but I adore...)

So all I'm saying is that we citizens of Ottawa (and elsewhere) should not feel ashamed of expressing ourselves through style or even putting forth an effort to look like give a damn.

That being said.... I'm apologize for failing this challenge.

I don't like disappointing myself...  but I also realize that I have followers who must feel ripped off by the fact that I post so infrequently.

Unfortunately... and fortunately for my blog, I have just recently been laid off from my job as an art teacher.


I just gained a whoooooole bunch of unwanted free time :)

For now...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~ Day 5 ~ 50s Market Dress

So I'm doing well... 2 days in a row!! 

This is the outfit I wore yesterday when my mom took me out to lunch in the Byward Market.

It was a gorgeous day to be outside and to catch up!

We had chicken Caesar salads and strawberry daiquiris on the patio at 

and they were yummy indeed :)

Then we perused the market where I picked up a ridiculous amount of food
(strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, carrots, potatoes, yellow beans and corn on the cob)

I have already eaten a good portion of it too!

This lovely blue dress is actually a vintage find, 50s era and cotton (two of the greatest things)

There's nothing better to wear on a hot summer day than a cotton dress :)

The hat is from forever 21 (and somehow goes with everything)

The belt is also a 50s era vintage.

It is stamped brown leather with awesome beading detail on the back.

I found it for a steal on etsy!

The sunglasses are from Aldo Accessories.... I think...and they also seem to go with everything!

Thats pretty much it!

Peace out.

Monday, July 30, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~ Day 4 ~Minty Perfection

OK so.... clearly I have not been entirely on top of this posting every day thing...

But I am not giving up.
I am determined to finish this challenge!

I suppose I just had a rough week and was too tired 
(or more likely, too lazy) 
to document my outfits.

I am starting up again and this time I am really going to try to make it every day...

I swear!

So this is the outfit that I wore to our good friends Jamie and Jodi's wedding this past Saturday.

It was a beautiful wedding with great weather 
(although I'm sure the boys in tuxes might say it was a little toasty)

I LOVE this dress.
It was one of those special finds in which you think:

"Someone designed this dress especially for me??? 
How nice!!!"

It is a lovely aqua/mint colour.  
I ended up pairing it with some pale pink lace tights 
(that I found for only $4 at Walmart ;)

The dress itself I found at a store called Doree's Habit in Merrickville.
(I'm telling you, they have some great little boutiques!)

The blingy bow necklace is from 
while we were in London on our honeymoon.

This was my best effort at twirling for the camera to illustrate the amazing movement that this dress gets with all of the scalloped layers.

I tried ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~ Day 3 ~ Print Mish Mash

So, I am now a day behind on posting for my challenge...

But yesterday just ending up being a weird day 
and when it was done I decided to face plant into my pillow rather than sit at my computer...

People were in funky moods...
I had an awkward argument with a cashier who thought that I gave her a $10 bill when I gave her a $20

Aaaaand to top it all off I had the unpleasant experience of being a witness to a car crash that involved a car hitting and killing a deer....

Yup.  Weird and exhausting day.

This is one of those weird outfits where I own two of the same shirt and skirt.

I bought the tank top from old navy ages ago for like 4 bucks and the medium ended up being a bit too big... so I bought a small too.

And the skirt is from forever 21.  I bought it to use as a skirt not for work but it was only $7.50 so I decided to buy one for work too.

You see, I teach childrens' art classes so I have to have a wardrobe dedicated exclusively to work because everything gets paint on it.

So two very affordable outfits.  One for work.  One for play.

The scarf and the earrings are two of my favourite accessories.

I bought the scarf from urban outfitters... maybe 4 years ago.

And the earrings were a gift from my talented friend and coworker Carla.

They are yellow leather feather earrings and I get compliments on them everywhere I go.

Check out her etsy store here:  Rattlebag

It's been recently cleared out, but more items for sale soon :)

Peace out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~ Day 2 ~ Garage Grunge

So its day 2 of my 30 Day challenge and I am clearly a total coward... haha

I was all ready to go out and find a cool outdoor location...
 But I chickened out at the thought of people being able to watch me set up my tri-pod and take a bunch of awkward self pics.

Clearly I am not quite ready for a big girl shoot :(


I ended up with the glamourous back drop of...

my garage.

This is my "Yup, this is my garage pic."

Thumbs up to being Nervous Nelly?

I found myself looking through my closet and thinking...
"I could wear this now, or I could save it for later in case something fun potentially comes up"

Since I was just bumming around today I didn't make too much of an effort to get "gussied up".

I do quite like this shirt though.

I got it from an etsy store called

You should check them out.  They have lots of rad tees.

On a side note...

We have grass!!!!


Yes, I realize that getting so excited about grass is nerdy.

But, hey, I'm embracing it :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~Day 1~ Studio at Dusk...

It is officially day 1 of this challenge and it is a HOT one!

Unfortunately I was planning to start my outfit documentations with a nice outdoor location 


Alas, it had just rained so everything was mushy and muddy where I had wanted to go.


I call this shoot...

"Studio at Dusk"

The sun was setting but still blinding...

You see the difference in this last photo which was taken after the sun finally ducked behind some houses...

I purchased this dress from an awesome little dress shop/art gallery in Merrickville called 

I love the kitschy floral pattern and the open back.

I basically wish I owned this shop and everything in it.
I recommend checking it out.

In fact, I just recommend checking out Merrickville and everything in it.

I predict living there someday. 

Day 1 = Complete

Monday, July 16, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!!

Hello All!

As you may know, my husband and I have recently purchased a home.  Because of this we are trying to budget as much as possible.  
This of course leads to a lack of $$$ for fun purchases like clothes :(


It has been hard not to buy clothes for myself recently, because if you know me then you know that I take pleasure in expressing myself through my personal style!


In an effort to convince myself that I do not need to go out and buy new clothes to keep my style "fresh" as they say, I am assigning myself a personal challenge.

I call it:

allenge allenge allenge...
(in my head there is an echo when you say it ;)

These are the rules that I am making for myself:

1.  Each day I need to create a new outfit without wearing duplicates of any items of clothing. (and document it of course)

2.  Basics don't count (leggings, undergarments, etc.)

3.  As I work in a messy environment (teaching art), work clothes don't count.
When I get home I must create a new outfit for after work.

4. Footwear won't count as I (unlike a lot of women) don't own 30 pairs of shoes :)

Thats it!

Now, that may seem like a lot of exceptions but I think that it will be challenging none the less.

If I were to wear separates every day, that means I would have to pair 60 different items of clothing...

and I haven't actually counted... so I'm really hoping that I can actually pull this off.

(This is my closet.)

There are a couple reasons that I am challenging myself with this.

1.  So I don't shop (as previously stated)

2.  So that I am forced to rediscover items of clothing that I may have forgotten about

3.  Because it will be fun :)

4.  Lastly, to recommit myself to my blog.

For some reason I have been neglecting to post on a regular basis and I am not sure why.  I quite enjoy the process of sharing my inspiration with the world, but perhaps I have been lacking the inspiration... ?

With this challenge I will have to post my outfit every day.

(dresses section)

I am definitely not claiming to be some sort authority on fashion.

I am merely doing this as proof that I do, in fact, have something to wear ;)

Oh! and as a quick side note/hair update, I have recently made the switch from white blonde to pastel blueish purple fading to pink.

Check it out.

(indoor lighting)

(outdoor lighting)

I am quite happy with it.  I'm really hoping that the colour has staying power...

Hopefully the hair will help me feel more like myself if I end up being forced to wear something that I no longer identify with.

Hey, maybe this will end up being a cleansing experience.  
Maybe I will get rid of half my clothes.  

Who knows....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

RAIN RAIN.... you can stay ;)

I know that the typical rhyme goes a little differently but I was just sitting here listening to the rain thinking how soothing the sound is when you're trying to sleep.


Rain, rain you don't have to go away.

At least not until morning comes.

Since you may not have the luxury of listening to rain outside of your window right now, here is ten minutes of rain of the recorded variety... and a few photos that I have deemed worthy enough to share ;)

Now all I need is some thunder and lightning...

Monday, April 9, 2012

~~*** DOILY DIY ***~~ They're not just for you grandmother's table...

Hello All.

Today I have deemed to be a lazy day so of course I have been on my computer browsing different DIY projects...

and I came across sooo many cool things that you can do with lace and doilies!

I have always enjoyed nostalgic things so, to some, doilies make them think "thats something my grandmother would like... 
not for me." 
but I tend to think... "If my grandmother would have liked it, 
I almost definitely will too :)"

please click on all of the links for instructions :)

The first amazing idea is from the blog The Post Social (links below pics) and is for a 


This is such a neat idea for any space! 
Unfortunately we don't have the appropriate light fixtures to try this now.


Our next house will likely be an older one, so hopefully then I can still remember to give this a try.

Its also a great idea for a cottage!!! 
(Another future potential use :)

The next DIY project that I found and am DEFINITELY doing is for a 


The table that I currently have is... well... rustic.
Meaning that it is sort of in rough shape.
We like it and its a good size and shape for our dinning area.
I love this idea to add some coverage and interest at the same time!

This idea I found on Pinterest but couldn't find the original source.


"This simple project is made by soaking cloth doilies in sugar starch and then forming it around a balloon. One the starch dries, pop the balloon and you have a romantic tea light holder that can be used as part of your tablescape."

Next up a 


from marthastewart

The result is sooooo pretty and delicate looking!
I'm thinking this is another MUST TRY.

Another great find (that I wish I had found prior to planning my wedding) is


Time consuming? Probably.
Worth it? Likely.

Another great idea that I will likely try 
(maybe to put in our backyard?) 
because I not only have a love of doilies and lace but also mason jars is


The DYI instructions are from craftsbyamanda

but I also found this pic (below) on pinterest that looks like you could use lace and twine as well.

Not to sound obsessed... but you can even use doilies for baking!!!
Check these two ideas out.


These look so cute AND delicious. 
All it involves is rolling the doily into the dough to give the impression.

(check out the link for the recipe too)


You can even use a paper doily as a simple and fantastic way to decorate a cake with icing sugar!

I could go on people.

There is a plethora of ideas using doilies and lace out there.

lamp shades....

Unfortunately I don't have the time to feature them all.


Please just google it or search the idea on pinterest and you will find


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