Monday, February 28, 2011

OSCARS 2011 ~~~Whimsical Dresses~~~

OK so I know that pretty much everybody is probably posting something about the Oscars today and for that reason I tried to resist and post about something completely unrelated...


Clearly, I failed.

I just couldn't resist featuring some of the amazing dresses of the night.

The Oscars overall, this year, were a bit of a bore.
I only caught the last half so maybe thats an unfair judgement but nothing really impressed.

I'm glad that Natalie Portman won for Best Actress
and I haven't seen "The King's Speech" yet, 
but I'd like to because I'm sure it will be very good.

Black Swan actress Mila Kunis ’ wore my favourite dress of the night.  
She wore a hyper feminine (very flattering) Elie Saab couture lace gown that exuded pure romance in an unexpected colour.

Cate Blanchett got a little flack from some people for her dress of choice. 
She rocked a complex yet elegant crystal-and-pearl-embellished Givenchy Haute Couture gown.  
It's a little different but I absolutely love it!

Halle Berry wore a whimsical beaded tulle Marchesa gown.  I love that this look is becoming so trendy right now.  Only because that means that I get to see more amazing dresses like this.  It is soft and feminine.  
This gown would make a lovely wedding dress.

Hilary Swank wore a  Gucci ombré sequinned gown which, like Berry's, is whimsical and very "of-the-moment" with it's feather and sparkles.  It looked beautiful on her.  
I love the "colour fade."

These three lovely ladies made some excellent choices as well!
 Hailee Steinfeld in an amazing tulle Marchesa gown.
Michelle Williams in white beaded Chanel gown.
Mandy Moore in a pretty sequined and tulle Monique Lhuillier gown.

Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) wore a Valentino couture tiered gown.  I can't commit to loving this dress as is, only because I'm not a fan of the colour with her skin tone.  BUT the dress itself is fantastic.  If it had been in a different colour (violet, a light icy blue, or even a deeper, richer shade of yellow) I think I would have loooooved it.

So thats it people.  I gave in.  Sorry.  
I promise the next post will be less mainstream.

But can you blame me? These dresses are to die for.

*Sigh* To be a celebrity....

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

~*Dreaming of the Circus*~ by Rosanna Anson.

I'm not sure why, but I have recently felt drawn to all things 

San Francisco based Photographer Rosanna Anson 
has captured the dreamy surreal feel of the circus 

I didn't write much about these photos because, well,
they speak for themselves pretty well...


I couldn't just leave this as a photo only, or circus only post.

As I was browsing her collection I stumbled across
 another amazing series very reminiscent of 

So of course I had to include them :)

This last photo, in particular, reminds me of the house from the documentary

"The film depicts the everyday lives of two reclusive socialites, a mother and daughter both named Edith Beale, who lived at Grey Gardens, a decrepit mansion at 3 West End Road in the wealthy Georgica Pond neighborhood of East HamptonNew York."

If you haven't heard of these two, google them.

Their story is fascinating.

There is also a remake in which 
Drew Barrymore plays "Little Edie"
 and Jessica Lang plays "Big Edie." 

I recommend watching the real one first so that you can 
fully grasp how well-done the remake is.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang did a fantastic job.

I love a good train of thought that can go from the 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dita Von Teese. RETRO Style Icon.

DITA VON TEESE has amazing style.

She keeps it GLAM in Vintage or Vintage Inspired fashion.

I decided to pick my top 10 Dita Von Teese looks for todays post.

In no particular order....

These two dresses are completely different but I am loving them both.

The top is a mix of retro and modern 
and sweet and sexy
The neckline is so detailed and perfect!

The bottom is ooooozing icy sweetness.
Love it.
The shoes give the look an extra kick though.

I love this dress the most, I think. 
(although pics #2 and #7 almost got that title)

Who am I kidding?


In fact, there were many more dresses/looks that I could've included.
So by narrowing it to my fave 10 was already hard enough.

This purple number is super sexy and super 40's Glam.

Love a good loooooow dip in the back of a dress.

This little pink number reminds me of COTTON CANDY.

So polished and pin-up.

I had to think about this dress for a moment before
 including it.

I couldn't decided whether I love it or hate it....
Clearly I came to the conclusion that


It's not the type of dress that the majority would love, I think.

I have a soft spot for soft wispy fabrics 
and one shouldered dresses.

So, how could I not?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pictures that make me smile. Part 4

It is unbelievably mild out today, for February

But I am suck inside

At work

So I collected these pictures

To make me feel better

and they are

but I know that it won't last

because the snow comes again tonight

and the cold returns tomorrow

so as it turns out

this was only to tease us


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Botanical Inspiration.

As I was searching for the perfect  
I came across a lot of other Inspiring Botanical Photos.

One of them was of 


It was such a beautiful glass building that I had to include it in today's post!

"Opened in 1991, Curitiba's trademark botanical garden was created in the style of French gardens. Once the portal of entry, may be seen extensive gardens in the French style in the midst of fountainswaterfalls and lakes, and the main greenhouse of 458 square meters, which shelters in its interior, copies plants characteristic of tropical regions. It rolls out its carpet of flowers to the visitors right at the entrance. This occupies 240.000 m² in area. The principal greenhouse, in an art nouveau style with a modernmetallic structure, resembles the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. The Botanic Museum, which provides a national reference collection of native flora, attracts researchers from all over the world. It includes many botanic species from the moistAtlantic Forests of eastern Brazil."

"The native forest is filled with paths for strolling. Behind the greenhouse is the Museum of Franz Krajcberg, the Polish Brazilian artist who took up the cause of environmental conservation; with 1,320 square meters of area, divided into multimedia classrooms, an auditorium with 60 seats and lounge with several exhibitions of works donated by visual artist, represented by sculptures and reliefs, as well as photographsvideos, publications and educational materials."

"In the other side is the Botanical Museum, a wooden building which entrance using a bridge made of wood also. Actually, the Botanical Museum of Curitiba has the fourth largest herbarium in the country. In front of the construction there is a pond with carpturtlesteal,herons, etc., and offers a lake, an auditorium, a library, an expositions area, a theatretennis courts and a cycle track."

So this is one of the prints that I love...

Then I got looking into Botanical Inspired Design...
 Jewellery...anything I could find :)

Botanical prints on the couch, the curtains 
and even on the lampshade..

Click on the link below the pic to see the rest of this amazingly cute little house that was redone by countryliving!

This stunning necklace was from an etsy store called 
Check them out for other pretty flowery things!

This sink from Kohler was actually the first thing that inspired 
me to dedicate an entire post to botanical prints.

It's the perfect way to add an unexpected pop of 
floral "retroness" to any washroom.

An elegant master bedroom from a house featured in home & design
 makes botanical prints sophisticated by having them on the curtains and embroidered on the wall.

I don't actually remember where I came across these two pics...
BUT they look gorgeous against each other.

LOVE that Raspberry colour.
LOVE the printed table.

This FRESH Conservatory was named #1 in 
housetohome's top ten conservatories.

This is what they had to say about the room:

"It's easy to go overboard with a botanical scheme in a conservatory, but this room gets the balance just right. The leaf-print is tamed with the dark wicker sofa andneutral flooring."

AND here are some more great BOTANICAL 
ways to adorn yourself and your house!

So there it is folks....BOTANICAL INSPIRATION.

Now if only it were spring.

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