Thursday, February 3, 2011

CLAIRE MORGAN. Repetitive and Precise.

So, again, I have stumble across another totally amazing 
installation/sculpture based artist.

I mainly work in mixed media and acrylic on flat surfaces but after seeing the unparalleled impact that you can have by filling an entire space with an idea, I really want to try something large scale and three dimensional....

As soon as I have the space of course....

creates sculptures and installations involving painstakingly repetitive and precise processes.

Pay close attention to the materials that she is using (listed underneath each photo).  What looks insignificantly small may actually be fruit flies or dandelion seeds....

She must be a very patient person.

Claire Morgan was born in Belfast. She attended University of Ulster and Northumbria University where she achieved a first class degree in Sculpture. She is now based in London.

A Part at the Seam, 2009 
Taxidermy Jackdaw, thistle seeds, torn black polythene, lead, nylon, acrylic

Clearing, 2009
Taxidermy Hedgehog, torn black polythene, lead, nylon, acrylic

Fluid, 2009
Strawberries, taxidermied crow, fishing hooks, nylon

On Top of the World, 2009
Bluebottle flies, spider, nylon, lead, acrylic

Ophelia (wake)
Taxidermy Duck, torn green polythene, lead, nylon, acrylic

Silver Lining, 2009
Taxidermy Barn Owl and Rat, thistle seeds, dandelion seeds, lead, nylon, acrylic

While You Were Sleeping, 2009
Taxidermy Red Squirrel, bluebottle flies, lead weights, nylon, acrylic

Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2008
Torn black polythene, a taxidermied fox, rotted rabbit meat, fishing hooks, nylon, lead, acrylic

Gone With The Wind, 2009
Wild flower seeds, a taxidermied kittiwake gull, nylon, lead, acrylic

Tracing Time, 2007
Dandelion seeds, nylon threads, a taxidermied wren, dead leaves, lead

Water on the Brain, 2006
5,300 origami paper boats, yacht varnish, fishing line, steel supporting structure

A New Moon, 2005
Polycarbonate structure in the form of a domestic light bulb, which is suspended from a 30m tall tower crane. Hundreds of tiny lights illuminate the contours of the 'bulb'.

Come fly with me, 2004
Dandelion seeds, nylon threads, lead

I realize that this post was particularly long....
But I just couldn't choose to feature two or three.

They were all too spectacular.

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