Monday, January 24, 2011

RED? Yes, please. But what shade?

OK So I am getting sick of maintaining my 
bright red hair with MANIC PANIC.

It gives a great colour but it fades almost instantly.

This is the colour of bright red that I had 
and would love to have again,
I want a colour that I can maintain a little easier.

So, I have come across box dyes that are permanent that will give me the colour below.
It's more of an auburn.

What I'd really to try pulling off is this bright copper colour (below)
I can't seem to find a box dye (that I trust) that looks 
like it will result in this fabulous colour.

I could try and find something lighter and more natural like the pics below 
but I feel like as those colours would fade they would become very lack-luster....

I'm not sure yet which direction I'm going to go in.

The lighter coppery colours are the more practical choice 
because they won't be as obvious when my roots grow in 
(which will be dark blonde)


I'm partial to having brightly coloured hair.  
I love the look a good saturated vibrant colour.  
Why must that be so hard to obtain and then maintain?

The whole wig idea is getting more and more appealing.



  1. I'm in the same boat: if I wasn't getting hitched this year, my hair would either be pink or blue, its getting very difficult to talk myself out of a major hair change!

  2. Oh, Congrats! I just got married in August and I had to painstakingly grow out my natural colour too.
    I think that may be why I'm hesitating to commit to a colour that there's no turning back from, because I hadn't seen my natural colour for so long before that!
    I'm thinking I'll try to find a box dye that will result in pic 3.....wish me luck :)

  3. I was just going to say the third is my favourite! Good luck Melissa! ;)
    I'm kind of jealous that you grew out your natural colour...I've been dyeing my hair faithfully since I found my first grey at seventeen (and they're coming in more and more these days, now that I'm the ripe old age of twenty-four); I think if I grew my hair out at this point, my temples would be completely silver.

  4. Thanks Kerri! I think getting greys at a young age is more common than we all think now-a-days :)
    My hubby is 27 and he has quite a few greys and I have more than one friend who has been dying to cover them for a while.
    Just think of it as an excuse to dye your hair any colour you want! ;)

  5. It's pretty much impossible to find a red that won't fade instantly, at least in box dyes. I haven't tried going to a salon and having it done.

    One thing I've found to help is Clairol Professional Compliments Red Color Intensifier, available at Sally's beauty supply stores. It is pure bright red, and can really liven up those auburn shades. I've even tried it straight and found it works just fine! The best effect I've done so far with it was do the hair with just the red intensifier and then a couple of days later used a bright auburn over that. It was very bright and stayed bright longer than usual.

    But it still fades; it's just what reds do. *sigh*

  6. You could try Special Effects... It's similar to Manic Panic but lasts longer - still not permanent but the bright color.

    Reds fade? Everyone I know who tried for my matural color says it won't come out, everything just fades back to the red... I can't for the life of me dye anything over my hair- the red fights for it's life. Maybe try a natural shade underneath, and do the vibrant color on top?

  7. What shade of manic panic is that top photo?

  8. What is the colour on pic number one?? That is a beautiful hair colour!!

  9. I love red hair. I have a dirty blonde natural color and I use Wella medium intense red or I use Loreal for dark hair only RED. It is permanent it does fade in about 4 weeks but the color is fantastic! and as it fades the color gets even better until it finally fades out all together.

  10. Oh yes I forgot I buy my color from Sally's Beauty Supply and use a 20 developer

  11. what is the color hair dye you used from manic panic? the color in the first picture?

  12. the red dyes by direction (la riche) last a while on my hair, they are semi- permanent though. Good luck!

  13. Use henna! You can achieve lovely, natural-looking red colors, ranging from fire-engine red to Irish setter copper. Best part is that it's all natural and it deep-conditions your hair! Try this site for reference:

  14. Feria has a really intense red that I used to use. I think it's called True Red. And I found it at WalMart, actually.

  15. I color hair for a living and I will tell you the best reds I have ever used is Keune color. Its only sold professionally but they have a red infinity line that will achieve the intensity you are looking for. It comes in permanent and demi color and it lasts longer than any other red I have ever used. I just happened to notice this conversation when I was consulting someone on reds and i couldn't help but mention this. I'm not sure where you are located but you can go on the keune website and type in your zip code and they'll let you know if anyone uses keune around you. Good luck!

  16. My hair looked like that first picture last spring, and I had dyed my hair with Manic Panic Rock 'N Roll Red. I can't say for certain that's what color the girl's hair is, but that's my best guess for all of you who wanted to know

  17. What is the brand color of the Manic Panic you used? Was it Vampire red? Pillarbox? Thanks!

  18. At Sally's there is a preeminent hair dye called high color highlights , I used it and my hair has faded to a beautiful lucious red , in 3 Weeks ! It's A Great product , especially for dark colored hair .


    this is what my hair looks like... i want the hair on the first pic!!!

  20. I love the first pic and want to dye my hair like that the only thing is is my hair is blonde and my mum said loads of people pay lots to have hair my colour- what should i do as i want my hair red but if i have it red i want it to go back to exackly the same colour as my natural blonde? Thanks x

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  22. Unsure if you're still chasing that vibrant copper unicorn but if you are I might be able to help.

    I have natural dark ash-poo-boring-blonde and I've achieved the third pic color intensity by simply doing the following:

    Step 1: I use two boxes of L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color, "Copper Shimmer 74" (used to be called Mango). Let your hair dry naturally if you can.

    **next day or when hair is dry & you want to jump right in**

    Step 2: Mix 50% La Riche Directions Hair Dye
    in Flame and 50% La Riche Directions Hair Dye in mandarin (50/50 of madarin/tangerine also works but gives you a more napalm orange effect)... slap that on your hair. Let your hair dry naturally afterwards if you can.

    **when hair is dry**

    Step 3: Section your hair.

    Bottom half use VIA Natural Semi Perm Color # 76 Copper Penny. Top half use VIA Natural Semi Perm Color # 60 Sunset Red.

    Style as usual (I like using a thermal protective spray for protection + shine)

    Viola... mega intense coppery hair.

    I've been copper for so long now so it fades less and less.

    The best bit about the above combo is when it does start to fade I find refreshing the VIA is enough for weeks, I only need to touch up the permanent color when roots just get too out of control (5-6 months a part) and I only need to use the Directions when the intensity drops.

    Good Luck :D

  23. Best ways to keep your red from fading: 1. Get a bottle of the Ion after color stuff from Sally's, the one that is the purple bottle w/ orange lid. You put it in after a light shampoo but before you condition, and it seems to lock it in; 2. A few days post color, apply a clear gloss "color" to your hair; you put it on just like color but it has no color, just adds shine and locks in the color. 3. Add your color to your conditioner: buy an extra bottle of your chosen Manic Panic color and add equal parts heavy conditioner and dye, use as a mask every week or so to pop up the color (can be used to gradually change your shade too, if you added a purple or orange based shade). 4. Wash and Rinse hair with COLD water. Tbis means washing your hair in the sink and using a shower cap for hot showers, but hey, that's the price we pay for awesomeness!

  24. I've been looking for bright copper too! I cant find it anywhere. Even Sally Beauty Supply doesn't have what I want.

  25. Hey!
    I'm the girl in the top pic.
    I have never got on with Manic Panic it's expensive and it never stayed in my hair longer enough. After trying loads of different hair dyes i found Crazy Colour - fire and that's what hair dye i have in my hair in that pic. It stay's in my hair way longer than stargazer, manic panic, directions and all the others did. Hope this helps. x


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