Monday, February 7, 2011

Practical Magic.

I was watching the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC 
the other day when I had a sudden realization:

This movie is not only amazing because of 
the story and the actors 
also because of their ridiculously gorgeous VICTORIAN HOUSE!

Producer Denise DiNova says that the house where the Owens family of witches lived played such an important role in the story that they decided to build it themselves. “I don’t think we could ever have found a house that could have matched our needs.”


Although it will be a while, if ever, I can afford a beautiful and 
GRAND VICTORIAN house like this one, especially one right on the water.

BUT if I had the means, my dream house would be veeeeeery similar in style.


I love the seemingly untamed greenery...
the huge porch over looking the water...
and, as evident in the next photo, the 
stark contrasts between the different parts of the house.


I love that the houses exterior, kitchen, attic and conservatory
 are all very light and airy with mostly whites,
while the main entrance, parlour and pantry are all very dark and rich colours.




But the BEST part of this house has to be the KITCHEN.


It is just PERFECTION.  
The vaulted sealing with the Rustic wood beams take this kitchen to the next level.

Seeing this kitchen has made me second guess my want for a Retro Red and Aqua kitchen.

I feel as though this style would flow better with the rest of our house.

I love combining Antique with Modern with Rustic.

My Aunt used to have a painting in her guest bedroom
 that I used to just stare at.
It was of a similar house on a similar type of property.

I was probably 11 years old and staying there while my parents went somewhere.
 I used to pretend that this was the house that I lived in.

I would imagine what kind of life I would have if I were living there and I used to look out my window and pretend I was looking out of the window in the painting.

Amazing how my taste when I was 11 is still pretty much my taste now.
Only more defined and mature.

The movie was based on the bestselling novel 
All movie stills are courtesy of hooked on houses.
All other pics are from a Victoria Magazine.

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  1. lovely house, i love big family house.


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