Thursday, February 24, 2011

~*Dreaming of the Circus*~ by Rosanna Anson.

I'm not sure why, but I have recently felt drawn to all things 

San Francisco based Photographer Rosanna Anson 
has captured the dreamy surreal feel of the circus 

I didn't write much about these photos because, well,
they speak for themselves pretty well...


I couldn't just leave this as a photo only, or circus only post.

As I was browsing her collection I stumbled across
 another amazing series very reminiscent of 

So of course I had to include them :)

This last photo, in particular, reminds me of the house from the documentary

"The film depicts the everyday lives of two reclusive socialites, a mother and daughter both named Edith Beale, who lived at Grey Gardens, a decrepit mansion at 3 West End Road in the wealthy Georgica Pond neighborhood of East HamptonNew York."

If you haven't heard of these two, google them.

Their story is fascinating.

There is also a remake in which 
Drew Barrymore plays "Little Edie"
 and Jessica Lang plays "Big Edie." 

I recommend watching the real one first so that you can 
fully grasp how well-done the remake is.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang did a fantastic job.

I love a good train of thought that can go from the 

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