Tuesday, February 15, 2011

::::::::***BHLDN***:::::::: Where were you when I was getting married???

So I stumbled across this amazing bridal company called


Everything on their site is dripping with
Vintage Inspired Whimsy

So, of course, it's right up my alley.

They have just recently launched and they 
seem to be getting a lot of attention.

Well deserved attention!... in my opinion.

IN LOVE with the dress on the LEFT.
They definitely don't make your typical wedding dress.

But they are PERFECT for the "modern vintage" bride
who wants a dress that is unique and romantic 
with a vintage flare that still feels modern.

I realize that claiming there is such thing as a 
"modern vintage" bride is a little bit of an oxymoron.
That aesthetic was exactly what I was wanted 
when looking for my own wedding dress.
It was surprisingly difficult to find.

This is my favourite long dress.
I actually purchased a dress... then second guessed myself.
A LOT of confusion and drama ensued.

Then I ended up getting a second dress.

Everything luckily worked out in my favour, 
(meaning I didn't have to pay for two wedding dresses)
and I am sooo glad I ended up changing my first dress.

From what I hear this situation happens quite frequently.
After going through the whole wedding dress shopping 
process, I can say it was harder than I thought it would be.

It was a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but

 It. Was. Hard.

You have all of these preconceived ideas of 
what you think you want your dress to look like,
what you expect everyones reactions to be,
and even what you think your reaction will be.

Then you start shopping and you realize that:

maybe the style that you really liked is 
not flattering on your body type,
that everyone has different taste than you,
and that you are emotional for completely 
different reasons than you thought you would be...

I found it really easy to get swept up in what everybody else thought.
I found it really easy to think: 

"WOW everybody will love this dress!"
instead of
"WOW I love this dress.  It is perfect for ME."

THIS was the dress I ended up going with.

It's hard to see all the details from my photog's pics 
because of the white being a little over-exposed.
(You can see Pronovias' pics here)

It has a vintage (50s) feel while keeping modern.
Up until I found it, 
I hadn't really seen another wedding dress similar to it.
It is light and whimsical and fluffy!

AND I had thought that I wanted a 
mermaid dress with beading and lace...

Everyone kept on telling me how much I looked like 
Um...yep, I'll take that.  Huge Compliment!

ANYWAYS.... Back to BHLDN!

They have formal dresses too!

They have done an amazing job of offering everything you need to outfit yourself and even your bridesmaids' while maintaining a common theme.

They really have set themselves apart from the typical Bridal Company.

AND you don't need to be a bride to want to buy most of their stock!

The shrug on the left is RIDICULOUS.
I would have bought that to go with my dress.

Left is a lovely belt and the right is a gorgeous necklace.
They also offer gloves, hair "adornments" and purses.

I can't say enough good thing about BHLDN.
Their website in itself is just impressive.
LOVE the design and LOVE the photography.

Check them out by clicking on their name at the top of this post.

(on a side not, if you're an Ottawa and surrounding area Bride, I had an amazing experience buying my wedding dress at Juliannah's Bridal in Moose Creak!)


  1. You're right, simply fantastic. If I had to do it all again... I didn't do the traditional dress way back when, a simple brocade cotton from Laura Ashley and white ankle boots. Nice to be a bit different.

  2. Agreed! Who wants to look like eeeeveryone else?


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