Monday, July 30, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~ Day 4 ~Minty Perfection

OK so.... clearly I have not been entirely on top of this posting every day thing...

But I am not giving up.
I am determined to finish this challenge!

I suppose I just had a rough week and was too tired 
(or more likely, too lazy) 
to document my outfits.

I am starting up again and this time I am really going to try to make it every day...

I swear!

So this is the outfit that I wore to our good friends Jamie and Jodi's wedding this past Saturday.

It was a beautiful wedding with great weather 
(although I'm sure the boys in tuxes might say it was a little toasty)

I LOVE this dress.
It was one of those special finds in which you think:

"Someone designed this dress especially for me??? 
How nice!!!"

It is a lovely aqua/mint colour.  
I ended up pairing it with some pale pink lace tights 
(that I found for only $4 at Walmart ;)

The dress itself I found at a store called Doree's Habit in Merrickville.
(I'm telling you, they have some great little boutiques!)

The blingy bow necklace is from 
while we were in London on our honeymoon.

This was my best effort at twirling for the camera to illustrate the amazing movement that this dress gets with all of the scalloped layers.

I tried ;)

1 comment:

  1. Your twirl is wonderful. The necklace looks like a bow which is fitting as you are a gift to the world. You look beautiful as always and I could only imagine how beautiful you must be in 'real life' pictures usually don't do justice which is scary because you look like a goddess here.


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