Wednesday, July 18, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! ~ Day 2 ~ Garage Grunge

So its day 2 of my 30 Day challenge and I am clearly a total coward... haha

I was all ready to go out and find a cool outdoor location...
 But I chickened out at the thought of people being able to watch me set up my tri-pod and take a bunch of awkward self pics.

Clearly I am not quite ready for a big girl shoot :(


I ended up with the glamourous back drop of...

my garage.

This is my "Yup, this is my garage pic."

Thumbs up to being Nervous Nelly?

I found myself looking through my closet and thinking...
"I could wear this now, or I could save it for later in case something fun potentially comes up"

Since I was just bumming around today I didn't make too much of an effort to get "gussied up".

I do quite like this shirt though.

I got it from an etsy store called

You should check them out.  They have lots of rad tees.

On a side note...

We have grass!!!!


Yes, I realize that getting so excited about grass is nerdy.

But, hey, I'm embracing it :)

1 comment:

  1. Your grass looks very nice, not as nice and fresh as you but nice none the less. I like the shirt it's pretty and the dress is wonderful on you. I wish that I could make you feel comfortable and offer you that 'something fun'. We should meet someday! I feel like the universe is pulling me towards you!


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