Wednesday, September 26, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!! failed....

So if you're a follower of my blog, you've probably realized at this point that my 30 Day Style Challenge got all of 5 days in.... 

and then I lost interest.

I was trying to put pressure on myself so that I would be forced into posting more frequently.  
Unfortunately the opposite happened.

My life became very busy with upcoming art shows (which is a good thing!) so I found myself short on free time.  So instead of posting less frequently...

I avoided it altogether.

This was the last outfit I documented before life got crazy.
It was something I wore out to run errands on my day off.

I enjoy this shirt.  Love the colour... I've been really into mustard yellow lately.
It says "LIE" on it very faintly...

I was also wearing my glasses that are not real glasses.
Now, I have been told, on a couple of occasions, that wearing these makes me a hipster...

I'm not sure when the word "hipster" became a dirty word.  Not that I would consider myself to have a "hipster style" (whatever that is)... but that's only because I don't really want to lump myself into one style in particular.  

I dress differently everyday.

Usually to reflect my mood... or the weather... and what not.


When someone calls me a hipster and expects me to be insulted... I'm not.
I don't judge people based on their style choices.

I want people to feel like they can put an effort into what they wear without people thinking that they're trying too hard.

I think that this idea of trying too had is why Ottawa has been declared as one of the 


In the pic above I'm pointing to my sparkly bronze oxfords (which my husband thinks are ridiculous but I adore...)

So all I'm saying is that we citizens of Ottawa (and elsewhere) should not feel ashamed of expressing ourselves through style or even putting forth an effort to look like give a damn.

That being said.... I'm apologize for failing this challenge.

I don't like disappointing myself...  but I also realize that I have followers who must feel ripped off by the fact that I post so infrequently.

Unfortunately... and fortunately for my blog, I have just recently been laid off from my job as an art teacher.


I just gained a whoooooole bunch of unwanted free time :)

For now...

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  1. Your husband is clearly an idiot, you make everything you wear beautiful. You look so beautiful no matter what! If you don't like the label 'hipster', I hope you will take my choice of label differently. 'One of a kind', it's the only way to describe you.


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