Monday, July 16, 2012

!!! 30 Day Style Challenge !!!

Hello All!

As you may know, my husband and I have recently purchased a home.  Because of this we are trying to budget as much as possible.  
This of course leads to a lack of $$$ for fun purchases like clothes :(


It has been hard not to buy clothes for myself recently, because if you know me then you know that I take pleasure in expressing myself through my personal style!


In an effort to convince myself that I do not need to go out and buy new clothes to keep my style "fresh" as they say, I am assigning myself a personal challenge.

I call it:

allenge allenge allenge...
(in my head there is an echo when you say it ;)

These are the rules that I am making for myself:

1.  Each day I need to create a new outfit without wearing duplicates of any items of clothing. (and document it of course)

2.  Basics don't count (leggings, undergarments, etc.)

3.  As I work in a messy environment (teaching art), work clothes don't count.
When I get home I must create a new outfit for after work.

4. Footwear won't count as I (unlike a lot of women) don't own 30 pairs of shoes :)

Thats it!

Now, that may seem like a lot of exceptions but I think that it will be challenging none the less.

If I were to wear separates every day, that means I would have to pair 60 different items of clothing...

and I haven't actually counted... so I'm really hoping that I can actually pull this off.

(This is my closet.)

There are a couple reasons that I am challenging myself with this.

1.  So I don't shop (as previously stated)

2.  So that I am forced to rediscover items of clothing that I may have forgotten about

3.  Because it will be fun :)

4.  Lastly, to recommit myself to my blog.

For some reason I have been neglecting to post on a regular basis and I am not sure why.  I quite enjoy the process of sharing my inspiration with the world, but perhaps I have been lacking the inspiration... ?

With this challenge I will have to post my outfit every day.

(dresses section)

I am definitely not claiming to be some sort authority on fashion.

I am merely doing this as proof that I do, in fact, have something to wear ;)

Oh! and as a quick side note/hair update, I have recently made the switch from white blonde to pastel blueish purple fading to pink.

Check it out.

(indoor lighting)

(outdoor lighting)

I am quite happy with it.  I'm really hoping that the colour has staying power...

Hopefully the hair will help me feel more like myself if I end up being forced to wear something that I no longer identify with.

Hey, maybe this will end up being a cleansing experience.  
Maybe I will get rid of half my clothes.  

Who knows....

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  1. Your hair looks so nice. I am sorry you feel you could not express yourself because of your house. I can understand how you could feel you are losing yourself because you don't indentify with your situation. That must be hard. You're a beautiful woman and deserve the best.


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