Thursday, July 21, 2011

~*Michelle Williams*~ Great Actress. Great Style.

As I get bored with my wardrobe I start to ponder....

Who would I switch wardrobes with if I could choose anyone????

I have already posted about how much I love 

But today I'm lusting over Michelle Williams feminine, retro, pixie-like style.

Her evening-wear choices are UNBELIEVABLE.


Love the romantic fluffy layers of this one....and the cinched waist....and the purple.

Really I wish I could steal her whole look..... is that creepy?

I've always loooved short pixie cuts.... but alas, I don't think I have the face for it.
I had really short hair high school actually.  Everybody loved it but me.
I think my head is too small..... and my face is too big. 
Does that make any sense?

4 via: greenteaandcupcakes

I HAVE, however, gotten over one of my body insecurities that I used to have....
we all have them....
And that was my legs. Well, more my knees.

I have always felt as though my knees looked like they were upside down.
And that, on top of the fact that I have shorter more muscular legs, just made me never want to wear anything shorter than the bottom of my knees.

I mean I wouldn't even where shorts for a long time.

Then I'm not sure exactly what happened and when, but I just somehow got to a point not too long ago when I just got sick of thinking:

"I love these cute shorter dresses on everybody else but I can't wear them..."

I think it started with the discovery 
(or rediscovery if you count the 80s and early 90s) of 

I felt much more comfortable wearing shorter dresses as long as I had a pair of leggings on underneath.

Then slowly this transitioned into being able to wear shorter dresses without leggings.  I guess this happened when I was yearning to wear a certain dress I owned, but it was too hot for leggings.

Don't get me wrong, you still won't see me wearing a super mini skirt/dress because I feel like it would be inappropriate or maybe inhibiting as far as movement goes BUT I have definitely come a long way in terms of accepting my body.

via: trend911

Anyways.... enough about me, this post is really about how drop dead gorgeous Michelle Williams is.

Even her casual style is effortlessly cool.

Now if only I had the money to update my own wardrobe...


  1. "I think my head is too small..... and my face is too big." - SEABISCUIT!!!

  2. Ooohh you have such wonderful things up here! And a fun way of writing ♥

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