Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*****:Zooey Deschanel:***** I want your Wardrobe..... (and maybe your hair too).

If I could steal anybody's wardrobe, 
I would, without a doubt, steal 

She has an unbelievable sense of personal style.

Her style has just the right touch of retro inspiration to make it still very wearable...

IN LOVE with this outfit!

...not too mention, effortless...

She somehow has mastered the art of looking 
sweet and sexy at the same time.

She also manages to look modern, trendy, indie, and vintage 
all at the same time!

This (above) dress and shoe combination is definitely one of my favourites.

Love the folk influence of this outfit!

So basically what I'm saying is 

"Zooey, whenever you get tired of your clothes... 
can just send them my way...please?"

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