Monday, August 15, 2011

~***The Madonna Inn***~ A Kitschy Oasis...

I don't remember where and when I came across the existence of this magnificent hotel

I remember that when I did, I fell in love!

is in San Luis Obispo, California. 

It has 110 extremely unique rooms.

It was built between 1958 and 1960 
and I think it's clear from the photos that has retained it's retro charmed quite perfectly.

All of the rooms are decorated with different themes. 

And I think it's fair to say that when they excecuted these themes originally, they must have been following the mentality of

I hadn't really had a strong desire to visit California over other more desirable vacation destinations...

I totally want to make a tradition of going there every year so that we can stay in a different room every time.

The kitschy quality is undeniable.
I'm not sure it would ever get old.

I am completely captivated by their amazing over-the-top dinning room.
The weird thing is, I featured a picture of this dinning room in a previous 
"Pictures that make me Smile" post.

It was the Pink Edition.

And I had no idea where or what the pic was of.  I just came across it on weheartit.

Then I stumbled onto this lovely hotel on a completely separate occasion.  As I was browsing the pics I thought "Hey....this looks familiar"

I hope the owners never sell this place.  
I have a feeling that an outsider would change it drastically to modernize it.

I think it should stay exactly how it is.
Frozen in time.

That is, of course, what makes it so appealing!
Well.... to me at least :)

We could all use a vacation without all of the "modern conveniences" anyways.

I've always wished that I was born in 1950s.

So getting to stay in a "time warp", so to speak, would be like a dream come true :)

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