Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Retro Upcycled Candy... taking the form of a...CHINA CABINET!

In our soon to be new home, there is a half wall up the stairs that will face into the livingroom.
We could have chosen to upgrade it to banisters but, quite frankly, we couldn't afford any upgrades ;)

I had been thinking about how to deal with this half wall.
I was thinking that it may look slightly awkward...

my brilliant husband suggested that it may be a good spot to place a smallish china cabinet.

Since we have a dinning area that doesn't really allow for any more than a table and chairs, I was thinking that there would be no place for a china cabinet.


Now that I know that there is an ideal spot for one, and I don't have one, I have been debating a DIY project... of course.

So, if you follow this blog at all, you'll know that I have been lusting after a 


So as an aqua accent I was hoping to find an antique china cabinet in the style pictured that might need some TLC for a reasonable price.


Of course, I'd like to paint it a nice aqua colour like in the first picture.

If, for some reason, I decide not to go for aqua there are other soft options like white or pink, as pictured.

via: inthefunlane


I doubt that will happen, as I really do have a fondness of the retro/modern look that the aqua gives.

via: favim

Now I will just have to start shopping for pretty things to fill it up! :)

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