Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~~~*:Katy Perry:*~~~ Kitschy Retro Style done with HUMOUR!

Katy Perry has an amazing sense of style 
that can only come from having an amazing sense of self.

She comes across as confident and brave taking her
  retro kitschy style, at times, to the extreme.

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I am personally a big fan of the pin-up look.
Rompers, bright colours and prints...
all with the bangs and hair adornments in place...

(via: teenvogue)

Not usually something you can easily pull off doing the groceries... 
But Katy Perry always seems to have the perfect occasions to wear onesies :)

(via: coutureandthecity)

Love the hearts on the butt-cheeks of this one.
It really puts the literal meaning into "cheeky"

BUT Katy Perry also has a very glamourous, slightly less quirky style 
that is dripping in feminine sophistication.

The above and below pics are my favourite red carpet dresses.
They are still in keeping with her style without being too costume-y.

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Not to mention that the lovely blush shade is ultra flattering with her hair and skin tone.

(via: slackerchic)

Perry has absolutely managed to master the art of being cute and sexy at the same time.
Something I had mentioned, in an earlier post, that Zooey Deschanel is also an expert at.

I admire women who can pull this balance off.... because it's tricky!
I try, myself, but I find I just end up looking cute and not necessarily sexy....

Maybe its all in the attitude!

(via: mypromstyle)

Katy Perry also has a playful risk-taking style that allows her to express her individuality and sense of humour though her wardrobe choices.

This (above) colour changing dress manages to be futuristic, artistic, and ethereal simultaneously.

You can tell that Perry really embraces using what she wears as an opportunity to get noticed and be creative.

She's mastered the art of not taking herself too seriously.

(via: usmagazine)

I don't think she has a hard time getting noticed.....

(via: dailyfill)

Especially not while wearing that (above) outfit.

I think I could start wearing Candyland inspired outfits...


Awe come on....


  1. :) Just passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to you!


  2. The Katy look also involves having the Katy body. SO unless you're built, like, amazingly, it's difficult to pull off. I try so many looks and I can never make most of them look because my body isn't even an actual body type it's just random!


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