Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Never Ending Battle With My HAIR...

I have probably just spent an hour sitting here, browsing pictures on the internet, to try and figure out what to do with my hair.

If you are following this blog then you know that I had grown my 
(see below) out for my wedding last August...

me at our wedding

And then proceeded to dye it 
(see below)

me with my super bright hair
This was accomplished with a semi-permanent colour.  
(You can read about this here.)

It washed out waaaaaay too quickly so I decided to try and find a permanent red that would be vibrant and easier to maintain.

I soon found out that a 
RED thats easy to maintain 

However, if you're curious, the best brand and shade I found was 
L'Oreal Feria (Power Reds) in Ruby Rush (R68) 

I never really got an excellent picture of how vibrant it was RIGHT after dyeing.  It had kind of a pinkish tone to it.  So if you're looking for a natural look I would stay way from the Power Reds.

I did take a picture after a handful of washes.

And just now....after a handful more.

Now I have been thinking of going lighter again.
I know, I know, never satisfied as my husband would say.

If it were up to him I would never have dyed my hair...ever.
But, although I love him and value his opinion, 
Its not really up to him ;)

I love to experiment with my hair colour.  
Most people upon finding out that my natural colour is 
BLONDE think that I'm crazy to dye it.

But there are lots of blonde people out there and I prefer to stand out.


In this case I think I am interested in going super blonde, which I have never attempted.
I usually go in the opposite direction.
To achieve this I am thinking I might need to take baby steps since going from a dark and bright red to a platinum blonde would probably make my hair fall out at this point.

SO what I was thinking of was going to a 

These were the closest pics to the colour I'm thinking of that I could find.

I think I would trim and layer my hair A LOT and maybe work on growing out my bangs so that I can achieve 


I'm not sure why but this cut seems a little more "grown-up" to me.  
But its still fun and cute.
Plus I could wear it straight like this when I want to be more polished or let my naturally wavy hair do its thing when I want to be more casual.

 I think I could work it ;)



  1. Red is definitely tricky. The pigments are different than other colours. Those with red hair have a hard time getting other colours to hold (apart from simply bleaching the hair and stripping the colour out), and those who wish to have red hair can't get it to stay after a few washes. That being said...
    I really like the blonde bob haircut! I think it would look really nice on you, Melissa :)
    Go for it!

  2. You look good in your wedding photo; not at all dirty blonde. Try high lights and low lights. I think the bob would suit your face shape. Good luck.


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