Monday, November 22, 2010


So a few weeks ago I decided that I was bored with my natural hair colour (which is blonde) again.  I had grown it out for our recently wedding but it was time for another change.  I have had my hair different shades of every natural colour that you can have (brown, red, black, blonde) so I decided that I was going to go with something brighter.  I was surprised at the different reactions that people had to this decision.  I was told that it was juvenile and inappropriate for someone my age.  I am 25.  I realize that most 25 year olds are not dying their hair bright colours...but I am not like most.  

Dying your hair a bright colour is associated with teenage rebellion because that is the age that most people decide to be creative, spontaneous and unique.  These are qualities that I personally would like to keep.  Why are we all in such a hurry to grow up and be boring and judgemental?  Why can't we all hold on to the open-mindedness that we all possessed when we were younger?  

I hope I have the guts to dye my hair this colour again when I am 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85.......


  1. You look splendid.

  2. love it! I am going to do the same thing I am about to turn 24 next month and I as well have blonde natural hair color but I am in need of a change. I am going to go for the bright red as well. You look great!

  3. What type og hair dye did you use...its very bright and pretty.

  4. First off i'm in love with your hair color and it's sick to see that you aren't letting go of you're youth and rebellion just because you're an adult
    Secondly =3:
    What hair dye did you use?

  5. I used manic panic "pilarbox red" mixed with a little "red passion" and applied it twice in two days because the first application (when me hair was damp) didn't take. When I applied it again to dry hair it worked a little better!

    And thanks all!!!

  6. I think it looks brilliant! :) I"m 23 going on 24 and doing the same next month. <3 Love.

  7. I'm 29 and planning to dye my hair this exact shade of red. I get what you're saying about people thinking it's juvenile. I see hair as an accessory, something to have fun with.

    And really, people need to not take life so seriously. Have you heard the saying, "The creative adult is the child that survived." So true.

    1. Im"40" And I just colored my hair this pretty red shade and I love it! It has a certain pin up ,vintage vibe thats why I love it ! Your color is just perfect at any age !


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