Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I will have a PORCH.

I am forced to stay home from work today because of being sick.

So here I am in bed, dreaming of the house that we 
(my husband and I) are going to buy in the (hopefully) near future. 

I can't say what it's going to look like since we haven't even started looking yet 
What I do know is that one thing that I am really hoping it will have is a


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Front, back, side, screened, covered, uncovered...
it doesn't really matter.

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I say that because know that for your first house I can't be too picky.

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When I do have enough $$$ to be picky, I would love it if my future porch could come even close to how amazing some of these are.

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I love the idea of putting a bed (or three) out on a porch!
Of course that wouldn't really work in Ottawa...but I can dream right?

This black and white porch has such grandiose appeal.

But although grandiose is nice,
 I really love the cozy feeling of a more rustic porch.

And as I dream about porches and houses,
I can't help but dream about the even nearer future when the weather improves!

So come on Spring...lets go already.

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