Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recent Style Choices :)

So recently I have made a choice to wear the clothes I have.... This may sound simple enough but as a female I find I buy items of clothing that I really love in the store and then make excuses not to wear them because "they are not right for the occasion" or "I don't want to be too overdressed" or maybe I feel like I'm not "hip" enough to pull off a certain look in real life as apposed to the change room..... I know for a fact that I am not the only girl in the world who does this.  Whether you're afraid of being judged by others (mostly other girls) or you're just guilty of resorting back to the same favourite pieces of clothing over and over because they are "comfortable".... you know you've done it too ;)

Going out for my BIRTHDAY :)
I bought this dress in London on our Honeymoon.

Going out to meet a friend for coffee...
This shirt is actually probably six years old or so...
I've recently rediscovered its awesomeness :)

Running some errands....
this outfit may have been slightly STEAMPUNK inspired :)

Hunting for Vintage finds :)
This dress and the one pictured above it are actually 
the same dress from H&M but in different colours....
Clearly I have discovered how leggings/tights with a dress/skirt and flat boots
is super comfortable and looks put together :)

p.s. sorry about the terrible self-taken pictures....haha...


  1. Beautiful!! The pièce de résistance for all these ensembles is the iPhone.

  2. I actually love all of those outfits!!! like I said before, you've walked into having an amazing style!! you go girrrrlll haha


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