Monday, May 9, 2011

The Magic of Museums (Ottawa Edition)

I have been thinking a lot lately about whether or not moving away from Ottawa would be a good thing.
It is not because I don't like Ottawa.
It is just because of the lack of opportunity within the Arts here.

In the process of this inner debate I have come to realize that, since I have lived here my whole life, there are many things about Ottawa that I take for granted.

One of those things is the abundance of amazing museums we have here.

One of my earliest favourite museums is actually not in Ottawa, but Gatineau.
But one of the privileges of living here is that it is only a hop, skip and a bridge crossing away!

I remember thoroughly enjoying my trips to the Museum of Civilization as a child and I still do as an adult.  I remember driving up in the school bus and being captured by the swirls and waves of the architecture. 

I remember loving the mock villages and the crazy school bus that you could go into...

I remember being in awe of the massive Totem Poles and canoes...

I remember seeing amazingly visual movies at the imax...

(via wikipedia)

The museum was designed by Douglas Cardinal, a famous North American Native architect educated at the University of British Columbia, and the University of Texas at Austin.

(via wikipedia)

As a child I was totally enamoured by the Museum of Nature...
I mean it looks like a Castle!
Come on! :)  What kid could resist?

I remember on one field trip (I was maybe eight) either our teacher or one of the museum staff had told our class that there was a ghost that haunted the musem and that if we left a pen and paper in our backpacks (which were left in storage while we had our tour) we might find a note from the ghost in there.

 (via nomeancity)

I thought to myself....."that is soooo awesome! I hope the ghost leaves me a message!" when a more natural response for a kid would be...haunted?  Thats scary...I hope I don't get a note...
When I think back now, sometimes its painfully obvious that even as a child I liked weird and sometimes darker things.... (ghosts, graveyards, etc...)

I realize that makes me sound weird....

(via panoramio)

The National Gallery feels like home to me.
Being that I am an Artist, I visit very frequently...

Snapshot I took Canada Day 2010
I loooove the spider sculpture "Mamam" by Louise Bourgeois that guards her babies in the front.

view of Parliament from inside 2nd floor on a rainy day
The architecture, the views, the art.....all amazing.  
I recently got married and if I wasn't going a more rustic theme, I would have loved to have my reception at the Gallery.

If you live in Ottawa and you have yet to visit any of these magical places, 

Since my Hubby and I are going to be slightly house poor this summer, I think we'll try something different.

This year I am going to sight see in my own city, because there are so may great sights that we never make an effort to see when we're here all the time.

I will be a visitor in my own city.
YAY :)

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