Thursday, December 2, 2010


OK So here goes nothing......
I am in the beginning stages of hopefully opening my own business.

But, I have always been very interesting in "curating" my own store.  As an Artist I have always had a knack for recognizing and interpreting aesthetic.  Originally I thought I should apply this skill to running a gallery....  but lets face it.... Although I have passion for ART, I also have a passion for FASHION.

And quite frankly, there is a certain idea or aesthetic 
missing from Ottawa's slightly mundane shopping scene.

These are examples of the brands of clothing that I would be offering.  
They are of the style that caters to those of us who long for
 the whimsical,
 the unique,
 the nostalgic,
 the retro...
the just plain FUN!

So this is what I ask of you....

I need feedback.
Do you like these clothes?  
Would you seek them out?
Is this the type of store you would revisit frequently?

Is the price point of $50 to $150 reasonable?

P.S. In case you haven't noticed....this would not be the place to come for t-shirts and jeans :)


  1. Also..... Is there enough value in the ability to try clothes on to offer brands that are available online?

  2. Looks like this could be amazing Melissa! I see a lot of styles in there that I would wear. I hope it works out for you!!

  3. You know I support it Melissa! I was telling my friend Mel about it and she got all excited and specifically asked if you would carry the brand "Preloved" that's a good sign!

  4. I realized I didn't actually answer your questions...

    My thoughts....

    1) Yes I like all these clothes
    2) Yes I would seek them out
    3) Yes I would visit frequently
    4) As for price....That's reasonable for those dresses, but the average person may only purchase a couple of those per although I'd visit a lot, if you wanted me to purchase frequently there would have to be a decent number of little extras in the lower price range (like accesories or cheaper cardigans)
    5) And Yes it's worth it to carry stuff that's sold online, I know a lot of people have never purchased clothing online because of the not-trying it on factor

    Good Luck!

  5. Freaking yes! I love them all too! And I own one of those preloved sweaters. Fab. You're right we absolutely need something new in Ottawa. I'm sick of shopping in stores withour personality.

    You can do it <3

  6. Also $50-$150 is very reasonable.


  7. yeah definitely!
    I like sohomode and sugar hill.
    I think the ideas you had when you were at my place the other day are teh ticket though. Having accessories, art, decor and furniture as well is key!
    it'll be THE place to go for this feel and i think it would definitely have a niche and a loyal following if you were smart with your advertising.
    price is fine. i think it's important to have a good selection of tops and bottoms (skirts or whatever) so ppl can get the look without paying for a whole outfit ya know? stuff that they can match up with jeans to make something unique.
    Good Luck Babe!
    Hope the winds are in your favour!


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