Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flying Lanterns...

Can I just say that I WISH that I had discovered these before our wedding.
I would have DEFINITELY made these my favours. 

I realize that nobody would get to take them home.  
BUT they would have had a chance to take part in an 
amazingly STUNNING visual experience.  

They would have taken home the MEMORY.

Flying Lanterns otherwise known as Khoom Fay in the Asian culture were used next to fireworks in traditional Asian festivals for thousands of years. Paper lanterns were used to celebrate the Chinese New Year and as a signaling device. Countless were launched to rid the people of their worries and to decorate the city’s sky with light. The flame would symbolize knowledge and wisdom.

The visual impact that these lanterns make when released 
in multiples is BREATHTAKING!

This idea is so up my have no idea.

The otherworldliness.
 The Whimsy.
The Grandeur.

Just amazing.

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