Monday, March 5, 2012

~~*BRUCE MUNRO*~~ Field of Light.

I was recently browsing the internet for some 

Art Installation Inspiration
(say that 10 times fast)

...and I stumbled onto the works of

and his FIELD OF LIGHT series...

Soooooo I am totally in awe of him and his incredibly whimsical body of work!

Please click on his name to view his website because it is worth checking out his whole portfolio.

This what he has to say on the concept of the field of lights...

"It was originally conceived fifteen years ago during a trip through central Australia. The red desert had an incredible feeling of energy; ideas seemed to radiate from it along with the heat. The field of light installation was one idea that landed in my sketch book and kept on nagging at me... it just had to be done.  By placing an alien installation in the midst of nature, the enormous contrast created allows one to literally see the wood from the trees.  Under the shadow of an ancient hill in southwest England, in a field of clover bisected by a public footpath, the field of light shimmered through seasons and presented a myriad of opportunities for passersby to catch glimpses of natures guises."

Here are some more pics from his different field of light installations:





If I had the means to do something like this, on this big of a scale, I totally would.
Large scale light installations are just so incredibly fascinating to me!

Unfortunately they require a great deal of 

both of which I don't currently have.


  1. I love those light installations!There amazing I would have them too, but alas its not meant to be.....yet! :)
    Your hair trauma is a bit like me & my hair! I went purple, until I decided it was way too much hassle! So now I am blond again & I am totally sick of that now too. I wanted red until I read your post about the upkeep, so its back to the drawing board! have a great week!

  2. Thanks Lavinia! I have been adding little bits of colour to my blond hair recently.... It has been keeping me fairly satisfied.

    So if you dye your hair almost white blonde (super ashy) you can pretty much add any colour to it and it will look nice.

    I've done purple, then pink, now I have a grey-blue bit in my bangs...

    The "fashiony" colours don't last very long so the con is that if you want the same colour for a while, you haev to re-do it... but if you like changing it up often (like me) the when it fades out, you try a new bit of a different colour!

  3. The light in your eyes is the greatest installation of all. Shame on anyone who would say otherwise. Hindsight 20/20


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