Monday, December 12, 2011

We're Home!!!!!

So, clearly it has been faaaar too long since I last posted....
But it's been pretty crazy in my life lately!

I unfortunately don't have the pics or the time to make this a post of any substance

I felt as though I have been neglecting 
(because I have)

So I needed to get something up here, even if it is short.

I had been writing many posts in anticipation of new house that was being built and now its finally done and we're in!

It has been exhausting since I have been sick throughout most of it, but I am finally feeling a little better and like I can relax 
(a little).

I am aware that this is not the greatest quality photo in the world... it was just one that I took with my crappier camera before we had friends over for a Christmas Potluck.

I figured I would post it, regardless! :)

It is of our Christmas Tree!!!!
Our first real one :)

Mike picked it out.  He did a great job.  
It is the most perfect real tree I have ever seen.
(I may be a but biased though ;)

So you get to see a snippet of our living room too... which is coming along nicely I must say!

Once I feel as though it is more camera ready, 
I will post more pics...

With my good camera this time ;)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on moving in. Your living room looks like it's coming along nicely.


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