Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Dream Anthropologie Bedroom...

SO, I'm a bit of a dork.
Since we are so close to moving into our house (6 weeks now), I am completely consumed by thoughts of decor.


Unfortunately we are clearly first time home-buyers working on a budget.  
So pretty much everything from Anthropologie is out of reach for us.


Since I AM a dork.  I have put together my dream Anthropologie bedroom...

I am totally in love with idea of "tree bed" 
(hence one of first posts "I want to sleep in a forest.")

I had found a pretty fantastic one online a while ago, but it was $15 000...

This (above) bed from Anthropologie is slightly more reasonable at $5298.
Its still too expensive for us to buy now... but maybe some day :)

To adorn my imaginary tree bed, I would buy this amazing duvet set.

The ruffles...
The soft grey...
The fluffy flowers...

I don't think I would ever get out of bed.

Now, for the walls.

I love this "woods" wallpaper by Cole & Son.

Since it's a little out of reach for us, I plan on putting my artistic abilities to good use by painting one wall with a mural version of this design.
We're planning on painting our bedroom a warm grey colour.  Three of the walls will be a medium shade, with one accent wall in a darker shade.
This will be the wall that our headboard is against, and I will paint the trees with the lighter shade that was used on the other three walls.

I was inspired by this room.

(I'd also like to do something like this in the ensuite)

Of course I found this awesome Tea Time inspired lamp that I just HAD to include...

Topped with this pretty lampshade.

Lets throw in this chair too.... just for good measure.

Now I know that I had said that I would post pictures of my new hair soon...
I haven't had a lot of time recently to take some "proper" pictures...

I'm am going to make my best effort to shoot some today but since I know that some of you are super curious to see how it turned out, I took a few super low-quality "silly-faced" ones with my iphone...

post bleaching and toning but pre-purple

It didn't turn out EXACTLY how I had planned, but I still like it :)
The purple is a little darker and a lot pinker than I had intended.

Better pics to come :)


  1. MELISSA!!!
    Your hair looks amazing, and your taste is flawless, as usual.
    Do you work at 4Cats?!?!?! I'm a curator at the one in Oakville!

  2. KERRI!!!

    Thanks :) And yes, I do! I work at the Ottawa location. Did you recognize it in the background of my self-pics?!?

    That is quite the coincidence lady! How long have you worked there?

  3. I've been there since it opened, which, I believe, was a week after your location!
    The second I saw your picture, I was like, "Oh, that looks like the splatter room!" Then I scrolled down to the second one and recognized the paint colour and the ballerina in the background (we're doing Degas next! I just painted an example today, actually)!

  4. I think your hair looks great!


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