Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear; Chartreuse, Grey & Black Chair... You were a great find. Love, Melissa

 Hello again folks!

As you can see, I am making my best effort to post a little more frequently...

On a recent trip to HOME SENSE I happened across the perfect chair.

I had been looking into the cost of reupholstering an antique chair into a modern fabric of my choosing...which I would have preferred...
Quite frankly, it was too expensive for our 
"first time homebuyers budget"

I saw this chair and thought....well...although it may be cheaply made it still has the look I'm going for!
We can't always get exactly what we want and although I would much prefer to give new life to an older just wasn't in the cards...or in the wallet I should say.

I apologize for the mediocre picture... It is, of course, taken from my iphone.
You get the idea.
She sure is handsome isn't she ;)

I personally think it was a great find and an almost steal at $249.
Picking up this chair has made me reanalyze my planned colour scheme slightly with the introduction of....
into the equation.

So the color scheme will be like the above picture but in addition there will also be pops of 
aqua and perhaps cherry red...
 (p.s. I LOOOOOVE this fabric.  It is exactly my style)

 So we then went looking for an affordable grey couch.
Of course, the first place we looked was


Do we go with light grey or the dark...
I'm still on the fence with this one...
but I'm leaning towards the dark (above)

I like the pops of color with grey and the woods in the below pic...

I also like the airy feeling to the above pic with the light greys...
We will have very dark hardwood floors and a dark fireplace after all...

I still want to make sure that whatever color scheme I do end up settling on that it isn't too modern to keep things 
a little rustic...
a little vintage...
and a little folksy...

I don't want anything too sophisticated.

That just wouldn't be right for me.

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